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Provide an inside accessibility to all Tanzania and other East Africa's major tourist destinations, first most emphasizing on clients value and safety.
Wheel Chair Accessible Safari

Travelling is always an adventure, especially when you have a disability or need some extra help. With Naenda Safaris our team will be there to assist wherever requested/needed, whether you just need help with the planning and to make sure you have accessible accommodation or transport, or would like assistance with daily chores- anything is possible!

With our training and local knowledge we will ensure a Safari itinerary specially design to meet the individual needs of your own group.

Tracking wildlife in Africa is an incredible experience for anyone, and disability/restricted mobility need not be a hindrance to this unforgettable adventure.
Our safari vehicles are adapted and have access ramps and a Europen wheelchair locking system to ensure safe travel and hand for those guests who prefer to remain in their seat instead of making a transfer into a regular car seat.

Our driver/guide has a lot of experience and will make sure you can enjoy your holiday without worries and allow you to discover the wonders of African wildlife and cultural diversity.

We work with a wide range of safari lodges, tented camps, hotels, beach resorts and self catering cottages all of whom have made a lot of progress incorporating wheelchair access over the last few years.
All major National Parks now have either a lodge or camp with good access and you are not limited to visit certain area only.

Visually Impaired/Partially sSghted
An African Safari is a feast for all of the senses, and being here is about more than just seeing. The sounds of the African night, as lions call each other and the savannah comes to nocturnal life, followed by the great dawn chorus as a multitude of birds greet the rising sun - this is one of the great African experiences.
Tanzania Disable Safari Many more unforgettable experiences are available here: the warmth of the sun and the calm soothing waters of the Indian Ocean along our coastline, the sound of traditional song and dance in a local village, the chance to meet and talk with the warm and welcoming people from a new and fascinating culture.

Assisted Travel                                
Sometimes travel is much easier with someone who can help you with daily tasks, like dressing, shopping, changing money and getting around. For anyone who feels they need assistance along the way, our guided safaris/holidays with one of our trained team-members is ideal.

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