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Social Business

The concept of social business is still new and unfamiliar to many and may seen difficult at first to imagine who would create such businesses and why. Everyone is familiar with traditional entrepreneurs, and whether or not we are to admire them, we feel that we understand their values and motivations. The same is not true for the founder of social business.

”What if you could harness the power of free market to solve the problems of poverty, hunger, and inequality as the founder of Grameen Bank, Nobel peace Prize- winner Muhammad Yunus, pioneered microcredit, the innovative banking programs that provides poor people – mainly women – with small loans.

I think given the opportunity, every human has potential to be a participant in the social business. The motivational forces behind social business are packed inside each human being, and we see bits and pieces of these forces every day. People care about the world and they care about one another. Humans have an instinctive natural desire to make the life better for our fellow human beings.” Professor Yunus, from his book Building Social Businesses.

We at Naenda Safaris believe strongly that our owners/drivers are the first step in developing Tanzanian Entrepreneurs of the near future. We also believe there work can change the lives of others while still focusing on our core business of providing high quality safaris.


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