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Provide an inside accessibility to all Tanzania and other East Africa's major tourist destinations, first most emphasizing on clients value and safety.

Research Safaris

Naenda Safari organizes University Research Safari for the students and professors who come for work ranging from ecological studies, to animal and plant life research and to those studying culture and history.

What is a University Research Safari?

University research safaris involve some kind study or cultural exchange, physical activity or journey into nature. It usually means stepping (or rolling) out of your normal comfort zone to some degree.

Our programs are tailored to suit individual requirements, aiming to impress even the discerning traveler with our insight into little known tour and safari destinations throughout the region; which we tender at the best possible price.


We find that individuals or groups conducting research need special arrangements...some days on the ground some in the field, and other times working or writing back at their local home base. Others need to make periodic trips because their research is conducted over time.

Having a consistent contact and friend (Naenda Safaris) allows the researcher to do their work and rely on others for the logistics.


  • Administration, confirmations & assistance
  • Accommodation & Transportation 
  • Itinerary


  • Quotations & Preparations
  • Bookings and special permits where needed
  • Ground Transportation, daily locally or longer distances
  • Consulting local assistance researcher in a given field of study

•     Arranging meetings, and providing special local assistance
•     24/7 Emergency Support

The foundation of our company is built on a reputation for excellence in providing unwavering high quality customer care, by means of extensive knowledge, personalized service and competitive rates. The key to a successful Naenda Safari is having a local on ground operator that has a vast knowledge and experience, offering excellent products. As we say, “this is a bit more complicated than visiting the zoo."

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